Why get off of someone’s track!

Are you a planner? Or are you someone who lives as it comes? No matter what side of the coin you are on, you are in the space that is shared by everyone else. Your presence and plans matters to those around you right now. Not tomorrow. Your space is mine and my space is yours. Your plans interfere with mine and mine certainly will interfere with yours. Each of us therefore has to plan our journey well. Two trains can not occupy the same tracks, neither can two of us occupy the same space, unless we defy physics. The only way we can defy physics is by going metaphysical, which is the sphere of love. Only in a metaphysical world of love, we can coexist with opposing ideologies, varying viewpoints, insurmountable differences and unfathomable ambiguities. I like what Toyota ad says, “Let’s go places” together. And that means, we have to really be metaphysical and that is spirituality.

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