Bishop Jos Tharakan

Bishop Jos Tharakan

Passionate Personal Love for Jesus, Blessed Mother, St. Joseph, and His People. Follows the path of St. Francis of Assisi inspired by the example of St. Mother Theresa!

Grace of good friday

Heavenly Father give me the grace to live by the grace of Good Friday than the curse of black Friday. Protect those who run frantically...
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Praise God for creation

How beautiful is God's creation. How great are all God's people. Looking at this beautiful world filled with God is the key to happiness. Take...
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Pray for children

Bless our kids and teachers. They all worked hard and played hard today. Lord bless them all for another great day tomorrow. Amen
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Bless your spouse

My dearly beloved, become aware of my love this day that will follow you wherever you are and whatever you do. I long for your...
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When in need of a friend

Stay with me Lord, that I don't forget You Or else I may abandon you Stay with me Lord, Because I am weak Stay with...
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Prayer after communion

Soul of Christ Sanctify me, Body of Christ Save me Blood of Christ inebriate me Water from side of Christ wash me Passion of Christ...
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Daily prayer to the Holy Spirit

Open my heart my Lord Open my eyes O God Open my Heart my Lord Pour out your Holy Spirit Reign in my heart as...
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Blessing your neighbor

God of love and compassion, today I pray for (name of your neighbor). Bless their efforts this day. Let no evil fall on them. Watch...
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