Don’t travel alone!

Take it easy today. Bike a little bit. Play in the park and play chess with someone. They are all fun. Isn’t it? For some yes, of course they are fun. For others, they are no fun at all. See how I saw it differently than you did. But what we can all agree on is this. We all like to eat and enjoy some good food. Eating together is a holy ritual of the healthy and the happy. Make yourself healthy and happy, by not just eating the earthly food, but the heavenly with others. Company makes companions. Keep off the company of others; you will make no companions on the journey. It is that simple. A good journey is always made by those who travel together not alone. So eat with those who will walk with you. Walk with those who eat with you. I call it the appreciation society. This is how communities are built. Communities share the table.

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