Unbroken Rhythm

We wake up to light every morning. We are born into a powerful day. I have heard people say sleep is like death. In a way I believe it, because in sleep we go from our world into a world of dreams. As far as I know no one has a clue about that world we go into at night. The day we are born we are born into the light. It presents us with incredible potential and power, because we are new like babies each morning having new dreams and great potential. Why not start your day with a simple exercise of planning it to be powerful? Here is a small start. Brush your teeth, make a cup of coffee or tea and come to your living room. Light a candle, sit with your loved one or read a paragraph from the Scriptures, just for a few minutes. Do it every day. Do not change the order. Whatever you do, do it meticulously without breaking the rhythm. Once you break it, you will break it many more times, and once broken it loses its power to hold you together. Unbroken rhythms make calming music.

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