Learn to forgive

Do you know anyone in your life who hasn’t been hurt by someone else? Look into your own life and think about the number of times you were hurt by someone by a uncaring word, thoughtless verbal attacks, careless conversation and the list can go on and on. Imagine the number of times you must have done the same without actually meaning to hurt someone. If you find yourself simply not capable of doing it, think again. Our memory cheats us many times. We have done it over and over, truly without any malice. People are hurt because we were uncaring and thoughtless in the past.

Now letting the hurts go might give us an insight into what others must have been feeling. Let go of what does not belong to you. For it was the uncaring words of someone else and a thoughtless actions of somebody else. Not yours. So, give it up. Don’t hold on to what is not yours and life will be easier.

Act up on it: Take a few minute of this morning, nothing more than three minutes of course. Find from the lockers of your mind three names you find hard to believe that they hurt you. Think about three people you must have done the same to. Learn to forgive because in forgiveness, we shall be forgiven without our asking for it.

Fr. Jos+
© Fr. Jos Tharakan

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