Seized By The Spirit

Seized By The Spirit

As you awaken into the fullness of this day, allow the Spirit of God to seize you. This would mean that you are aware of the moments of this day where the Spirit of God could lead you into different actions than you would otherwise do. Jesus was seized by the Spirit on a regular basis. His day became full by the events of the Spirit rather than the choices of a human. He was open to the inner voice that guided him through to the evening hours of the night.

When seized by the Spirit, we are never unable to fulfill the demands of daily life, no matter how hard it might feel like. There will be a joy that is beyond your control that strengthens you to accept, adapt and change to the growing need of someone around you. It is only when you are seized by the Spirit you can be seized by God.

Action Plan: Take a three minutes of reflection this morning, consciously wondering, what other options are available to me this day to be a bette person? What choices will I be left with as the day progresses into the evening? Allow the Spirit to seize you through the moment by taking short breaks to let this Spirit be present to you.

Happy and Blessed Day
Fr. Jos+
copyright: Fr. Jos Tharakan

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