Look for Jesus

Haven’t you seen a child that wakes up in the morning looking for his mother? What drives the child is the memory of the mother, the one who tucked him or her in, the one who said the stories and sang the lullabies the night before when he was scared or lonely to go to sleep. Memories of great times is what makes him want mommy even more the following morning. He is looking for mommy all over.

I am sure you have memories of Jesus manifest in your life more than usual at some point in time. I am sure you have exclaimed with great relief thank God for this unexpected blessing I got. If you search hard enough there will be days and days of blessed moments, from which you have to extract the memories of love, friendship, and care. Extract the moments of surprise and jubilation. They are not to be forgotten or left behind.

This very act of bringing into memories of blessedness is what is called looking for Jesus.

Action plan: Take about three minutes of this day reflecting on the most blessed moment of your life. Bring all the characters from that moment into the forefront of your thought. Allow the people involved in that incident to be part of your life again no matter where they are and or what they have done. Look for Jesus. He was once with them, and will be again in the future.

Fr. Jos+
© Fr. Jos Tharakan

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