Shine Christ Today 2006

Christ came as a small boy and was born to Mary and Joseph 2000 years ago. At the same time Christ appeared as a star giving direction, light, and amazement to the far corners of the world. People began moving towards this wonder baby since then and never stoped ever […]

Advent Sunday IV

God looked with favor on the lowliness of his servant Mary. I have always enjoyed working with people who are humble. It is so nice to be around those who can talk simple and do not need an interpreter. When people’s head is filled with light their hearts are filled […]

Advent Sunday III

Today the prophet is calling everyone who is listening to bear the fruits of repentence and change your life. How would do it in a simple way? Remember this: Do a little thing today that will make you proud tomorrow, and of course don’t do anything to make your decendants […]

Advent Sunday II

Sometimes I wonder why was the prophet crying in the wilderness! Where was the wilderness? And what was the wilderness like. Then I realized that sometimes our hearts are so dried up we thirst for some refreshing, renewed food and water to enliven us. It is so crooked with pain […]

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