Shine Christ Today 2006

Christ came as a small boy and was born to Mary and Joseph 2000 years ago. At the same time Christ appeared as a star giving direction, light, and amazement to the far corners of the world. People began moving towards this wonder baby since then and never stoped ever since.

The beauty of Christian spirituality is it is based on history, facts and figures. It is not a myth. It started with a person and it is based on a person. Therefore the call of Christian Spirituality is to base it again on history, facts and figures, meaning make it historically meaningful to generations after us.

So our every act, every word, every thought counts. It is historical, it is factual, and it is personal. It starts when you start. Christian Spiritual life ends for you and those around you when you end it. So, make it real today.

Join CBS (Caring, Bearing and Sharing) Network to make this world Christ filled.

Merry Christmas 2006