Advent Sunday IV

Advent Sunday IV

God looked with favor on the lowliness of his servant Mary.

I have always enjoyed working with people who are humble. It is so nice to be around those who can talk simple and do not need an interpreter. When people’s head is filled with light their hearts are filled with love. Transparent people are truly a blessing. For God’s light will shine through them. God will birth through them whose heart is lowly.

Today the Lord is inviting us to make a promise that we will be transparent and simple, two ingredients of lowliness; Easy to reach to: Angel Gabriel could reach Mary and will reach back quicker, Elizabeth was happy to see Mary. Let us make a promise that we will shine the light in the lives of someone this Christmas and will become the star in their journey.

As you see the birth of Christ within you, Shine with purity and transparency. Star in the east sometimes is the light you shed with your life. May be you are the only star a few wise or unwise in the far world is looking for direction.

Wish you a Merry and Blessed Christmas