You shall endure forever

O Lord, you shall endure forever. Psalm 10:12

We live in a world of constant change that are visible and invisible. Invisible changes are actually greater than the visible changes. However it is the visible changes that makes all the difference in the world because we notice the change and we wonder where are we going? Fear and anxiety comes over as result of visible change and not the invisible.

For a balanced life, it is necessary to have some things that are static and other things that are changing. If one’s life is always the same, then it is like the dead sea and no life comes out of it. For humans, being stagnant is poison and being overly changing can also be dangerous as well. If one’s life is constantly and visibly changing, then it is hard to relate and keep up with such a person and life situation. We get comfortable with one thing and then we have to change before we get into it. And therefore life gets harder in either case. So, balance is required and is in the ability to perceive the constant without losing focus and it is in the ability to move along with the changing without losing control.

It is here the scripture comes alive. In the midst of all the revolutionary changes around us and the constant fear of losing the familiar, the only thing we can hold on to and should hold on to is the enduring Lord, who is constant in our lives regardless of our awareness of Him, moving us to change faster within than outside, to become a people of constancy and transformation. Fear disappears and fun reappears. Life emerges and death disappears. For God is constant and God is transforming. God is your friend and your family.

Fr. Jos

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