God’s justice God’s Love!

Every morning God brings His justice to light, He never fails. Zephaniah 3: 5b

Justice is a big word. I think of courts, judges and police when I think of justice. Justice is where truth is upheld or should be upheld. It in justice a wrongdoer is punished and righteous is set free. So, justice is a pretty big and powerful word.

But then there is another way to look at justice. Justice is love. Love that gives everything to the one who is loved. Justice is giving what the other deserved. God was just when he gave His only Son Jesus Christ to be crucified, not because of Christ’s wrong doing, but because God loved us all from eternity and wants us all to be with God for an eternity. Why did we deserve it? Because we came from God and we belong to God. God couldn’t bear the thought of losing us in damnation. So, His only Son was sacrificed to regain us for ever. There was no other way fairness could be brought about to everything and everybody God created.

Injustice comes from lack of love and care. People become arrogant and uncaring because of not recognizing or accepting what the other person is and what the other deserves. It is a result of placing us worthier for God’s love than the other. It is when we think of us better than the other.

If God brings His justice to light every morning without fail, and gives us what we deserve, which is an eternity and life with God, why shouldn’t I lighten up someone’s life? Can God’s justice come alive every morning through us?

Fr. Jos

1 thought on “God’s justice God’s Love!

  1. Father Jos;

    Justice has always been a centering point for my life. Even as a young child, without scholastic knowledge of the Bible teachings, I felt God’s love for ALL his people. I know that God is a JUST God or I would have been lost a long long time ago. He never waivered in his faith in me that I would come home to His way.

    Thank you for bringing to light that child-like belief in God’s justice for all mankind. Have a great day in Christ Jesus’ light. DL-R

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