Worth More Than Lilies Of The Field

Today is the first Sunday in Lent. We are in a time of prayer, reflection and change. How do we pray, reflect and change on a daily basis? It is simple. Take few minutes of your day to remain silent, sit quiet and be at ease with yourself. We are not at ease with ourselves most of the time, because we have a million things to do and so, it is hard to rest and relax. Prayer is simply resting from those that take our time to sitting with God. Set aside a few minutes of your busy life, and sit in your favorite chair. Say nothing, do nothing. If you are distracted it is alright. But still sit down each day for five minutes and bless yourself. Your soul is worth more than five minutes of your time. Extend this practice to everyday. Because you are worth more than the sparrows in the air and lilies of the field.

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