How to Change The World

We only live in the moment. That sounds pretty useless. If we only live in the moment, what in the world can we do to make our world a better place? Practically not a whole lot. If you and I can come to this realization of the shortness of human condition, we will live our lives joyfully now. These flashes of realization are called moments of temporary sanity. We will then stop the rat race, the endless, self defeating and pointless pursuit for a piece of cheese on the other side. If what you are running after is for a better world of tomorrow, stop it. Remind yourself what you are in today is the process. When you make your process enjoyable you will have conquered countless hearts and minds. When a thousand hearts miss you then this world will have already changed through you. It is the positive result of your temporary sanity in which you dare to live now. Live fully, listen silently and share happiness.

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