We can’t go wrong trying it!

We can’t go wrong trying it!

God created… in the image of God he created him; male and female he created them. Genesis 1: 27

To complete his creation God chose to bring out all that God is. God created both male and female in God’s own image and no one – man or woman – was given a better share of God than the other. When God shared all that God was between the two, God saw the creation as beautiful with great potential.

Seeing the potential God said to both of them, to rule, to multiply, to fill, to subdue, to control, to care, to protect and to treat each other as equals and complementary so that what lacks in the one could be supplied by the other. God chose man and woman to continue creating beyond the days of chaos. God equipped them, empowered them, sent them on their way and only then God rested! The evening came, the sixth day.

Let us not rest until the day we learn to work with and together with people of all kinds – men and women. If God can, we can’t go wrong trying it.

© 2007: Rev. Jos Tharakan. Requires permission to reproduce. Email: fathersjos at gmail.com