Greatest inheritance!

Then God said, “Let us make man in our image, in our likeness. Genesis: 1: 26

The sixth day must have been the proudest day in creation when God decided finally to create mankind in his/her own image, in his/her own character, and likeness and most of all love.

I am still ecstatic of the day and will be forever when I saw my daughter’s face as she was taken out of the womb of my wife and her mother. She looked like me, am sure and she will all her life. My wife proudly says she looks like her and all her life she is going to. When all the doctors and government officials were busy looking for an identifying mark for my daughter, I did not care a whole lot about it. For I knew without a shadow of doubt she is mine and she looks like mine and will be forever and different enough to spot her in any crowd. I want her to be able to love and care for the world like me, but better than me and greater than me at the least. I can go on and on, and my wife will too.

If this is what I feel it must have been the proudest feeling for God after we were born through God. For God knew in his or her heart that we looked just like him or her and that too for ages to come requiring no identifying marks to distinguish one from another. I am also sure God must have certainly hoped that we love and care for the world as much as God did. For we were created in the image and likeness of God and God alone! and all others who claim it are really faking it to claim what is God’s. So, rejoice you have the greatest inheritance you can ever imagine. Let us also behave like we are the children of God!

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