Way of the Truth!

Remove the false way from me. Psalm: 119: 29

If you are a parent you know the anxiety you went through when your child was growing up as a teenager. Did you not wake up in the morning hoping that your child will choose the right thing that day and will return home safe? If you did love your child, you would have told your child what are some of the good things to do in their life and where to go and where not to go. Did you take sometime to talk to your child about who they should be friends with and keep from people who do wrong things. Because you know those who do evil things will walk away from the ways of God.

You probably have learned from your experience that walking in the wrong path will lead you to wrong places. If you don’t know the directions to a place, better ask for it before you get lost and left with no one around to ask for directions. I have read somewhere that the “Y” chromosomes in men make them wander all over the world before the pride gets them lost. So, why not ask for directions. Why not believe in the one who said, “I am the way, the truth and the life”. Why not ask the one who is the way itself, to tell us what it is that we need to choose to reach the place we ought to?

Don’t you sometime or another wonder where to go and what to choose next? If you don’t, I like to hear from you. May be you are the wisest person on earth, sharing the wisdom of God or you are a foolish person who in his or her pride seem to think like the serpent in the garden who invited the first parents to a knowledge like that of God. Adam and Eve, whatever is the story behind it, fell for it. So the days of fall are not far for such a person. Watch out.


(CR Fr. Jos Tharakan)

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