What is worthy of our attention?

Turn away my eyes from looking at worthless things. Psalm: 119: 37

I wonder if we waste our time looking at worthless things. What are those things that are worthless in our eyes? What are those things that destroy human dignity? Sometimes I wonder all that we watch on our televisions and in the news are worth watching and wasting our time? Where is God in all this? The dirt people dish out on others is incredible. A television crew recording painful story of someone’s life as if it is hot news for the entire world to know is worthless in my opinion.

Yes, but on our own as addicted we are to the news, to the TV and to the news around the world about us is hard to get out without God’s help. Even if we do not know what is worthless and what is of worth, what is vanity and what is not, God does. All we have to do is simply share our inability to turn our eyes away from looking at worthless things that will capture our hearts for a long time.

What we see many times stays within us dormant to raise its ugly head at a time when it is appropriate. So, why not ask the Lord to turn our eyes from such scenes that captures the soul of our hearts from seeing the Lord. Blessed are the pure, for they shall see the Lord. Blessed are those whose eyes see what is worth in the eyes of God for they will see the manifestation of God all around them. Blessed are those who have the courage to look upon that is raised up above on the Cross, for there is nothing worthier than that in this or next world.

Lord turn away my eyes from looking at worthless things and turn my eyes towards what is worthy of our attention.


(C&R; Fr. Jos Tharakan)

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