Humility: A Path For Transformation

Anyone who believes in democracy believes in the gift of humility. That is what I learned today. To believe in democracy, one should be humble enough to admit a different view point. Democracy is all about allowing the world around us be powerful voices and view points we don’t hear easily. In all kinds of voices around we hear the voice of God. In letting the rest of the world make their own opinions gives us a new perspective and then to come up with our own.

So in our church, democracy is important and meaningful. What makes our church a powerful instrument in today’s world is that we allow God’s voice to have different accents and tone, colors and figures and all from all over. We allow knowingly or unknowingly the unlimited capacity of God to manifest amongst us in forms beyond our imagination. It is a process through which we allow God in community.

Our church polity is deeper than the politics of its day to day functioning. It is a deeper recognition of what it is that we don’t see in God present among us. As Gandhi would say, “If you don’t find God in the next person you meet don’t waste time looking for him further”. This is what is open at Indianapolis. Like it or not, believe it or not, the church is inviting each of us to make this a reality and the reign of God.

But first as I prayed yesterday, O Lord, let it begin with me.

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