Powerful witness of Humility!

Today, the first day of the General Convention #77, we passed several resolutions in one afternoon.

Some of the highlights of this process was the confirmation of 8 Bishops Elect. What a blessing for our church, we have eight new bishops, to be consecrated soon. We are blessed to have them who were elected through a democratic process.

We also had some lively discussions on youth funding. It was encouraging to see so many youth presenting themselves with zeal for God and God’s reign not just in their lives, but in the lives of each of us in the conference here, as well as those who were not present in the room.

We are a live church with opinions of our own. We own our church and the business of our church. It is fascinating to watch what it takes to make things happen and it is not an individual decision, but a collective one that empowers the people of God and the Will of God in our lives.

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