Glorious and loved creation!

And yet you have made him only a little lower than the angels, and placed a crown of glory and honor upon his head. Ps 8: 5

In God’s eternal plan, we are all glorious people than sinful people. For in God’s wisdom we were designed with precision and uniqueness, held on to with great care and brought into existence with immense love. Thus it tells us that we were conceived by God not as sinners but as glorious children.

Everytime we are struck with fear of all that goes around, down with quilt over our past, pulled down with anxiety over future that is uncertain, God assures us, we are a little lower than angels and we are cared for more than angels. And we are a lot better than evil and sinfulness. So, God himself took this form, and made himself a little lower than angels so that God could prove to us beyond words that our state of life is in fact a glorious one and that is one we all can be proud of with all its ups and downs.

So today, let us be mindful of those times when we make someone less glorious and lower than what they are. Let us change our ways of loving and caring to reflect the way God cares and loves us everyday. Thus incarnation, passion, death and ultimate resurrection will become an everyday reality for many more we meet with daily.

© 2007: Rev. Jos Tharakan. Requires permission to reproduce. Email: fathersjos at