Light shines in the darkness

“The light shines in the darkness.” (John 1: 5)

Compare these. Jesus was born in a dark night but God sent a star to illuminate the event. Again, although Jesus was crucified in broad daylight, darkness covered the earth all of a sudden.

The creative force in the universe that we call God our Father is like an accomplished painter. The whole creation is his wonderful piece of art.

Our lives are like bits and pieces that He fits into the large picture. Though small, each of them is extremely important for Him as he works towards a masterpiece in the end. Look at our own life. He designs it so carefully that ultimately it gels with the whole in perfect harmony.

The greatness of a painter lies in his ability to use the colours to create the best on the canvas. He uses bright colours to depict features of prominence and then sets them against a darker background so that they stand out. Yes, light shines better in darkness.

The Master Painter does fill our lives with both bright and dark moments, with highs and lows, and joys and sorrows. Joy is more joyful if in the middle of sorrow!

When we look back, there are events in our lives that come to our mind more clearly and with force, than millions of ordinary experiences that we tend to forget. Could these be some of the areas God wanted to highlight in our life’s picture? Most probably.

Such events in the past may have left pleasant or unpleasant memories in us. His grant design for us includes the so-called ‘unpleasant’ moments too. Just as we can see stars only when the sky is dark! God uses the contrast of light and darkness when he wants to highlight or bring something to our attention. Thread them together in the divine light and you will be able to see His design in them!

How pleasant it is to think that God’s hand has been and is very much at work in every moment of our life!

Reflections by M.K. Jos (Poet, Writer, Philosopher and Friend of Fr. Jos) © 2007: Rev. Jos Tharakan. Requires permission to reproduce. Email: fathersjos at