As for yourself, DO IT NOW

As For yourself, Do it now

Luke: 12:6-9

Today Jesus is sharing a beautiful parable with his disciples, the parable of the vineyard where a man planted a fig tree. There are some great lessons the Lord is teaching us today.

1. God gives us a favored place. We all have experience of gardening, farming and growing plants in our backyard. It takes a lot of time and energy to do it. However it is one of the most rewarding experiences. I don’t do it as much these days, which I regret as I used to while in the seminary. Making flower gardens and planting fruit trees were such a wonderful thing because you see the beautiful flowers and fruits in different seasons. Similarly when this man planted the fig tree, he expected to reap the fruits in due season. But he was disappointed when he came to collect the fruits. Because there were no fruits. So will I be if all my hard work has been wasted. If all the plants and fruit trees didn’t flower or fruit.

God in His eternal wisdom planted us in the right place where we should bring forth fruits and flowers of the spirit. We were specially favored and cared for. We were chosen from the very beginning and planted us in a place that would bring fruits of salvation and redemption to ourselves and other around us.

So, this is all what the Lord is trying to say, we were specially chosen and set apart as was in the case of the fig tree. We were not a mistake. We were planned and nourished to bring forth fruits of love, compassion, care and understanding. Our souls were laden with great potential so our favored position will bear much fruit.

Lesson: Become aware of the unique call we are blessed with. Much will be expected of us as much is given to us.

2. God calls us to avoid disaster. No matter what happens each day at the end of the day, let us be useful to someone and bring forth fruits. Or else the Lord is very clear that he wants to cut down the tree. He wants to bring an end to it.

Lesson: If we are not useful and bring forth fruits of spiritual life, that day will come like a thief without warning and we will not have a chance to change. Make life fruitful and useful or else the day of disaster is closer than we think.

3. Life is brought about through risking one’s own life. There is not a single human being on earth that has come to this world without risking someone else. Every man and every woman is here because someone else at one point was willing to give up their life for him or her. The very fact of our life demands sacrifice as that is how we came about. Anyone on earth does not get to that point of giving life to someone else without risking one’s own comfort and life. So the fruits of our life demand a life changing act of self sacrifice.

A young student, who watched a generation of microscopic being born and die made a decision that he will never be a weak link in the course of this life cycle.

Lesson: Never become a weak link in this cycle of life.

4. God gives a second chance in life. This fig tree was about to be cut down and the keeper of the vineyard said, No Lord, Please let me nurture this tree for one more year and if it does not bring forth fruits then you can cut down. You know it went on for three years already. Second chance is given to most of us. If only we are open and willing to take the second chance we will bring forth an abundance of grace and blessings to people around us.

Lesson: God gives second chance, so shall you. Give second chance to people and never deny it. Many people respond better to second chance as life has taught them new lessons from the failures of the first chance.

5. God also gives a final chance. Look at this, the fig tree was given another year. The master had been coming over and over for the last three years. Now the fig tree is given a last chance to bring forth fruit. So, are we. God in his eternal mercy and love, continues to give us chances over and over. God in his love for us never abandons us after one sin or failure. God’s love is greater than sin and even that of a mother.

The Lord says: Even if a mother forgets her child, I will not forget you.

Lesson: Take nothing for granted. Waste nothing when given a second chance. Give a last chance to someone. And for yourself, do it now.

  • Today God is calling us to rejoice over our favored position.
  • Today God is calling us to live a useful life
  • Today God is calling us to sacrifice our life
  • Today God is giving us a second a chance to bring forth fruits of love
  • Today God is giving us a final chance and asking us to do the same

And as for yourself, DO IT NOW

© 2007: Rev. Jos Tharakan. Requires permission to reproduce. Email: fathersjos at