Demystify Self-Grandeur

The thick beautiful and vast sky that we live under are illusion, because the sun can still shine through. On the other hand, clouds are not. They are real. They need to pour down before we can see the sun again. We sometimes hold on to our clouds too long. A dark day is a depressing day. A day without light will soon eat you up. Don’t hold on to the clouds of fear, sadness, resentment or anger. Pour it down with someone. When the clouds come down, the sun will shine again. When light enters into your sacred secrets, dark corners will disappear. These are things known to us. But what we may not know is this, that our self-grandeur is what stops us from being real. Be with that person who can actually help you shed your clouds into tears. Cry a little bit. It will help the SON come out shining within you.

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