Advent Sunday III

Today the prophet is calling everyone who is listening to bear the fruits of repentence and change your life. How would do it in a simple way? Remember this: Do a little thing today that will make you proud tomorrow, and of course don’t do anything to make your decendants proud! It is not worth it. besides the focus is yourown self. For it will only can destroy them. Do it for the sake of its own beauty, its own value, and its greatness and surely to bring out the good heart you have. Do it because it is to someone else in their current need and life situation.

Take this to heart today. Do a right thing for the right reason to the right person at the right time. A good fruit is when your right action brings in right results in the life of another person right around the corner. The good you do doesn’t have to be to someone far away. Many times the ones around the corner do not get a lot of help. So, stay where you are, do what you do, enjoy what you have and be real to someone in their need today.