Willing Spirit!

Sustain in me a willing spirit. Psalm 51: 12

There is something in our lives that brings boredom and monotony. We need help to keep it going whatever it is that stops us from becoming what God wants us to be.

A willing spirit is the spirit of prophet Isaiah that allowed God to become real in the lives of the people of Israel. A willing spirit is the spirit of Mary, mother of Jesus. Without her willingness there would be no salvation for humanity. Willing spirit is the spirit of Christ that took the cross all the way opening the door to eternity. But in all these we see it is God’s Spirit that sustained their willingness to go through what was not easy for humans to do alone. Each one prayed to give them willing spirit to go through what was entrusted to them. Each time what they had to do was harder for a human to do all alone.

Therefore do not be worried or saddened with guilt over the times when you feel bored and tired to do what is asked of you by the Lord. But rather in those times simply talk to the Lord in terms, ‘Lord sustain in me a willing spirit, and I can’t do it alone’. Salvation, Miracles and Transformation of the world were brought about by this small prayer. And if Isaiah and Mary could do it, we all can invite God to sustain our spirit to do good and right things. Let us seek help to keep it together. By doing so we only would have joined the company of saints. Sustain in me a willing spirit, O Lord.

Fr. Jos

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