Waiting for the Lord!

Wait for the Lord, be strong, and let your heart take courage, Yes, wait for the Lord. Psalm 27: 14

People of Israel waited long and hard for their Messiah. Some of them are still waiting for the Messiah to show up. Waiting is not an easy time of life. It is a very hard because there is a certain amount of anxiety in waiting. There is fear and uncertainty. Whatever you are waiting for is beyond your control and that is why you wait and you have to wait. If it is in your control you could make it happen when you want it and then there is no surprise, fear or anxiety. Waiting takes your power over things, events, situations and people. It makes you lose power but gain strength. Strength to live in this world over which man has no control.

Gaining power over people, places, things and situations make one more vulnerable than others who have no power over others. A man with great power over people makes him fear of losing it at any time. Someone with control of situations in life is always under great stress for those times that may arise beyond one’s control. Waiting and allowing things to happen as it happens requires strength and lose of power. It is allowing someone to come forward to your life and situation that changes the way you behave and believe about things.

So waiting brings about a change in our personality. It gives us patience, it brings humility, it makes us candid, it makes our heart real and throbbing. Waiting is hard but that is what makes us people who have given their power to God, and thus the people of God. Look at the Israelites. They are the chosen people of God as they are still waiting for their Messiah and it gives them strength. We are the chosen people of God for we are waiting for the Lord to come. Waiting is good, for it gives us strength of character in the adverse situations of life. For what we are waiting in all waiting is for the Lord who changes us through it. So, if you are waiting for something or someone in your life, let it be for God. For God can change the course of your life for ever to come.

Fr. Jos Tharakan

C & R

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