God trusts you to entrust

O Lord, I call upon Thee; hasten to me! Psalm 141: 1

Have you ever been in trouble in your life? If yes, what was the first thought that came to your mind then? Yes of course, I can imagine, it would be how to get out of it. But then if you could not come out of it yourself, you would want someone to help you out of it. There is an inner cry in every human being when in trouble or sorrow for someone to hasten to help him or her out of that trouble and lead them to a better place of peace and quietness.

But some of us get disappointed because people don’t respond or hasten to rescue us from such situations. I have heard a lot of people tell me that no one cares and no one bothers to come by or help out. We take it for granted that people are supposed to rush to our aid in time of need. Some think it is their right to be helped even when they have not asked for it. Some expect people to understand what is going on in their lives even when they don’t like to share what is going on with them. We all do want someone to hasten to us. Have you ever called upon others to ask for it?

Here the Psalmist tells us how to get help. He is calling upon the all knowing God to tell God what is going on in his life. He did not take it for granted, even when he could have, that God needs to come to his rescue everytime he wanted God to come. Rather he chose to call upon the Lord in humility. He chose to talk to God like a child. He cried for help and wanted it in a hurry – yesterday. Nothing was hidden. He talked to like a child. I wish we could all do the same and ask God to rush even if our hearts tell us God knows everything. I wish we could share with those around us what is going on in our lives before we take offence at someone not showing up or responding to when we needed them. If God likes to be called upon, be sure your friends and family would like to hear from you too. In God’s case, he can understand everything regardless. But your family and friends can not easily understand what is going on until you share. Call upon God and call upon your friends and be assured that someone will hasten to be on your side. Trust in God and God will trust you in return to entrust you with greater things.


Fr. Jos

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