Engraved Potential

See, I have engraved you on the palms of my hands. Isaiah 49:16

Engraving is a way of creating memories and making memories last a longtime. Depending on what is engraved and where it is engraved the nature and power of engraved names or figures will change. Engraving is a way of giving freedom. It is a way of making the potential and beauty of the other permanent.

Imagine this, every time God extended God’s hand to create and transform, we were part of that whole process as we were, our names, figures and our hearts were on that Palm that was extended to bring about newness and life. Never once you were away from the whole process of creation. Never will you be not part of it in the future whether you become aware of it and do not want it. Imagine this, each creation came into being it came through the power of God and through the figure of you,  with you watching it with a smile and a wonder. You came alive through the palms of God every time and everywhere God intended life.

The whole creation is a fulfillment of the potential that God saw in you and me. Even through the damaged moments of our life sometimes depress us, God brings out the best as God can not and will not create without you and best of it, God lets you join him/her and have fun with him/her everyday and for a lifetime. As I said earlier, depending on what is engraved and where it is, your power and your potential changes. For you are engraved on the best that lasts for eternity – GOD.

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