Earth and God’s Love!

The earth is full of Thy loving Kindness, O Lord Psalm: 119: 64

It is spring time. If we look around we see flowers all over. They are of different colors, sizes and figures. One is different from the other and am yet to find one that looks exactly the same in every manner. Flowers of all kinds capture our imaginations. It takes people to different places of memories and creates new ones for the future.

Then there are forests, mountains and rivers. If not for man’s innovative spirit, this world will be full of trees and plants, forests and all kinds of wildlife. Earth gives life and earth sustains them.

This reminds me what happens every time someone tells me I love you. When I know it is true, I like to write some music. I feel like my heart is light and my world is a beautiful place. Colors are brighter and figures are crispier. Life throbbed when love is perceived.

I pray that I could see God’s steadfast love in the nature around me. If not there is something wrong with me. If God’s love is not in the nature around you, and if you are still hanging on to the hurt and harm of the past then it is time to replant in our hearts new seeds of love. Remove the weeds and insects that eat the colors and figures. Let our hearts be filled with fruits of love that will re-generate the lost garden of Eden right within us.

Earth is full of God’s steadfast love, for life is throbbing all around. Look around, for God is alive right outside where you look.

CR- Fr. Jos Tharakan

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