Advent Sunday I

We live in a professional world today. We are able to predict weather, future, life and even sometimes about heaven and all that is going on up there. Our professionalism has taken us so far that sometime we dare to tell the Lord what is to happen in the future and in the heavens.

Advent is a time when the Lord will show us a different way of looking at professionalism. It is a time to see new sprouts of life and love in our lives in day today living. Kingdom of God is very much alive here and now to those who can see the new sprouts of life and love everyday. Professionalism is the ability to see it as it happens and experience it as it happens. Today’s most successful professionals are those who can see today as a great protential for tomorrow. Most of the future arrivals are already present in the new sprouts of today.

Therefore expect Christ today. Enjoy and experience life today. Share that life and love that emerges from it right now. For then you will bring kingdom of God right here on earth now and forever to last.