God is likely to fail again!
Sermons / September 25, 2011

In the actual preaching he often adds a few comments and connections as inspired that are not in this text.The following sermon is a working manuscript from which Fr. Jos Tharakan, Rector of All Saints’ Episcopal Church, Russellville, AR, Preached today. In the jungles of South America in 1978 there was a massacre. Innocent people who longed to experience love and acceptance fell into the hands of a man who was misguided by power and passion. Not many escaped the wrath of evil that night. But a few who did live in guilt, while still struggling to understand all that happened and how they were spared from the brink of untimely death. They still wonder why did God spare them? What was God’s plan for them? Guilt, fear and anger still haunt them. Today that is the story of one of our own, Sheree Hodge. She was baptized by Rev. Jim Jones the cult leader who poisoned 908 in Guyana in 1978. She was spared from that tragedy and lives to share the story of grace even in the midst of the terrible tragedy that happened. God’s ways are unknown to man. God’s grace, however is available to all. Here…

Found from under the table!
Faith , Fear , Freedom , Sermons , Trust / September 13, 2010

Loretta Tyson sent me this small story last day. It is about a little boy who went to Grandma’s house for dinner. Grandma served the dinner and little Johnny started eating. Then his mommy came by and said, Johnny, you got to pray before you eat. He responded saying, no mom. Mom insisted that he has to. And we do always pray at home before meals. Johnny responded, mom, that is at our house. We are at Grandma’s house. And she knows how to cook. Yes, we are at the grandma’s house now. We are in the house of the Lord who knows how to prepare the best food in the world. On this Rally day all of our goblins, elfs and angels are back from summer rest. I pray our parents are eager to get them to church on time and get them to be found. I have a question for you all parents. Suppose you lost one of your children in the wilderness and you are left with three others and no one else to care for the three, would you go about looking for the one who is lost out there? Be truthful. Would you? if not…

God: portion & cup
God , Grace , Reflections / July 9, 2010

It is God who upholds your lot. To those who make God their portion & cup life has more than they are looking for. To the rest it is empty.

Riches of God
God , Prayers / December 16, 2009

Lord whisper into me the words of love and wisdom that I may be filled with the riches of your world and not the things of this world.

You are blessed
God , Grace , Prayers , Precious / December 14, 2009

You are blessed in the eyes of God. Because you are precious. Give me grace Lord to make someone precious in my heart and mind today. (c) Jos Tharakan