The Divine Obsession

The Divine Obsession

God Jumps Through Hoops and Hurdles to find a solution for human problems.

We are God’s most loved and the perfect creation. We have been in the mind of God for a long long time. We did not just appear out of nowhere, but because we were thought of long before we came into existence our connection with God is deeper than what we are willing to admit. We do not admit it because we don’t know all the things that were involved in making us happen. Therefore our ignorance makes us apprehensive to admit or accept we are part of the divine plan and God is not happy with us. It is presumptuous of me to say it, but I am pretty sure, God is not happy without you in his life. So, cheer up and celebrate, God wants you in his life.

Every time you tune into this channel, we will discuss a human condition or a human problem God has found a solution for. We will study each chapter of the Bible in a simple, reflective way, and come out with a solution to the problem we may have in our lives. So, tune in, stay in and take in the solution God gives us to every problem we might face in life. Each chapter of the Bible gives us a solution to a problem we might be facing in life.

Thank you for joining me every week. Share these videos with your friends and family. Invite them to join the study each week, and I promise you, it won’t be too long that takes you away from all other commitments and life situations you have to attend to.

Thank you and God Bless.

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