Him does God call “My Friend”!

Him does God call “My Friend”!

The wise are cautious and turn away from evil. Proverb 14: 16

Wisdom is a gift from God. It is not created or designed by man. Because it is a gift from God, it is something desirable for everyone.

Wise people are cautious in their lives not for fear of anything or anyone but for the need to choose the right in their life. Being cautious also tells us the limitation of our knowledge of things in this and other world. So being cautious also means being humble. So a wise person being cautious also admits his limited knowledge of those things around him. He or she will be slow to judge. For judgment comes from the presumption of knowledge of truth and truth in its fullness.

A wise person simply by choosing to be cautious also turns away from evil. Because many times evil is a wrong decision made out of presumption of truth. So being wise and cautious, we are choosing God. Wisdom opens the inner eyes to the real state of our hearts. Wisdom opens our inner eyes to see the truth about ourselves first and then the greatness of others. Wisdom opens our hearts to realize God as the only choice left for us to be eternally happy. From then on, it is easy to turn away from evil, for light attracts us more than darkness.

A cautious person walks in light. One who walks in light walks with God. Him does God call, “My Friend”.

Fr. Jos

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