Who are you like?

Luke 16; 19-31

Who are you like?

Anyone who believes in the Lord gets a call sometime or another in their lives and sometimes several times to identify themselves with someone in Biblical history. Today is one of those days when the Lord invites us to find out who we are truly.

If you do believe in miracles and God-cidences, if you believe how God in his eternal wisdom calls people to awareness of themselves before God, then today the Lord calls to one of them.

All the readings today calls the listen to identify who there are in this world.

  • Are you the one who enjoys the finest things of life to pass judgment on those who do not have it. Do you count yourself to be blessed and great because of the wealth, fame, money and knowledge you have?
  • Are you the one who grieves over the destruction of Joseph, the tribe and the people who is destroyed by sin of life. Do you have courage and compassion to call upon God to rescue the destroyed people around you?
  • Are you the one who sets the prisoners free and opens the eyes of the blind? Are you the one who becomes the light in the darkness and destruction?
  • Are you the righteous one who lives a Godly life which demands Godliness, faith, love, endurance, gentleness?
  • Are you the Christ in today’s world who brings life to all things dead or going to be dead around you?
  • Are you the haughty, angry, unforgiving, uncaring, ruthless tyrant who enjoys in the riches of their wealth, ideology, theology and knowledge?
  • Are you the Lazarus who looks for mercy from the everyone around you?
  • Are you the Abraham who challenges the dead and the living to live a righteous life without losing himself in the process?
  • Are you Moses in today’s world who goes out to people who wanders away from God to return to God?

Today God calls us to act. Act like any one of the above and act like the one you identify yourself closer to and want to be like.

No matter who you are, if you believe in the Lord and believe in redemption, today the Lord calls us to action. Today is one of those days when the Lord calls us to become real in our faith and what we profess everyday.

Journey of faith is a journey of struggle. But ultimately we should be able to walk beside the Lord and say these in prayer. Please repeat after me:



Lord help me to grieve over the destruction of the sinner.

Lord help me to be the light to the eyes of the blind.

Lord help me to endure and righteous.

Lord make me the Abraham who want me to be challenging.

Lord make me the Moses to speak the truth.

But above all, Lord make like yourself on the cross

Who brought life through death.


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