When in need of a friend

Stay with me Lord, that I don’t forget You
Or else I may abandon you
Stay with me Lord, Because I am weak
Stay with me Lord for You are my life.

Stay with me Lord and show me your will
Stay with me Lord I may eat of your bread
Stay with me Lord I may drink from Your Cup
And fill my heart with Thy Love
And fill my soul with Thy peace
And hold me close to Thy heart

Stay with me Lord For my soul needs your love
I need your consolation for night
Stay with me Lord for This night is dark
I fear the dryness, sorrows and cross.

Stay with me Lord for it is you alone
I look for day and night in my life
Your love, your Grace, your Will and Your Heart
Those are things that I long in my life.

© 2007: Rev. Jos Tharakan. Requires permission to reproduce. Email: fatherjos@gmail.com