What are you dancing to?

We are all born to dance. What we dance to is the melody of the heart that responds to a music, methodology and magic. The tango, hip-hop, kuchipudi, ballet, belly dance, salsa, you name it, all comes from the heart that sees a passion in the context of relationship. Dance is the physical expression of a metaphysical experience. So we all dance and only one other can hear the melody, follow the methodology and see the magic we are dancing to. This is the origin of romance! This is where God resides. This is how people become passionate about faith. They see the magic in all of life and no other can. To them it does not matter, and truthfully, it should not. Because when your heart dances within you, only you know it and no one else’s business it is to interpret it. So when you have an urge to dance in faith or in love, remember there are others who hear a different melody. They have their own dance in their hearts, and that’s none of your business to figure out the why or why not. Faith begins when your need to know why ends.  

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