Genesis 2: Trust To Entrust!

The gates are open. A beautiful paradise, the best of all gardens in the world, is now opened to Adam and Eve, to possess, to enjoy, and take charge of. Everything in it belonged to them into whom God breathed life, the Godly Essence.

This garden becomes the ground of all possibilities. It is not only that the garden becomes all that is possible but it becomes the place where God puts His complete trust in us. God rests after God entrusts us with everything that he created. The priced creation is once and forever given to the fragile man to work with and then build.

God believed in the man and the woman, the feeble creation, the creation into whom God breathed his potential and power, to do the right thing regardless of the possibility of him doing the wrong thing. It is blind faith in human potential. That is because God knew what we are capable of if taken full responsibility for what is entrusted to us. The seed of the greatest act is planted in the heart of man. God trusted what God created.

The nakedness of Adam and Eve is the authentic human condition. It is that which attunes our heart to God’s, the stripped off self that is pure. When God looked at them, the nakedness of their heart showed the purity of His creation. They fall into a sleep, a rest from everything around, into a moment of return into the essence of God. In sleep, they returned their power back to the creator. The naked sleep in God becomes the consent man gives to God every day, from day one, so God can continue to rip open human condition to form a new life, here that of Eve.

God believed in the humankind, in you, to be the bearer of new life. He invited and instilled in us the need to till the ground of our hearts, minds, and world. God invited to break open, put back together, to plant, to grow and to multiply just like what He did in six days. He was ready to watch the story unfold again and again.

By calling us to work with Him, God calls upon mankind to be the bearer of life in all form. The story of the tree begins here, from the first tree to the last, the Tree of life of which we are to eat unlike the tree of death of which we are asked to keep away. It is wisdom, the Lord tries to teach us, to know the difference between keeping away and keeping close. But it did not matter what we did, God still let us be partners of the work of creation.

God rested because God entrusted. Maybe all of us will rest if we can entrust our cares and worries into the hands and hearts of those whom we love most. Maybe the reason for the rest was more like a reason for trusting. While the man was formed of the earth, like the potter’s hands that moves through every grain of sand, God’s hand has been through every fiber of our being. Even though God created all of what we know of, God empowers man to name and claim the creation as our own handiwork. That’s trusting. God trusts us to co-create.

The divine essence is divine trust. If the breath of God within us is sufficient for God to trust us, I believe it is sufficient for us to trust the one another. Just like Adam and Eve, I am sure those in whom we put our trust, will fail us. But God does not stop there. God’s behavior is counter-cultural and illogical. That is where God’s essence is different from ours and God’s breath continues to give life. The essence of God, God’s breath in us, the trust he has in us, is proven to be unconditional and forever.

Human Problem with trust. #God’s Solutions 2

One of the major problems of humanity is trust. We find it hard to trust one another. People from different cultures, colors, languages and for that reason our own neighbors and friends, it is hard for us to trust them. To them the Lord says, remember, I trusted you with the world I created. The best of my creation in the world is given to you to take care of. Even though things may go wrong, in the end, I believe I can trust you to do the right thing. That’s divine essence. The trust God places in humanity. God rested because God trusted. The solution, therefore, if we are struggling to trust one another, remember, God, trusted you. When people fail to respond to your trust, it is not on you, but on them. Do not take the burden of their lack of trust, yourself. Those who failed to trust, are those who failed to live happily. God trusted the treasure in the jars of clay, 2 Corinthians 4:7. Our outer self may be perishable, but our inner treasure, the essence of God, is indestructible and God put it there. God trusts you.

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