The Lord is my portion!

The Lord is my portion: Psalm 119: 57

We live in a world of lotteries and of spinning of coins and cards. All kinds of lotteries are available which make people millionaires overnight. Some people become wise and others become arrogant and foolish when money flows into their lives totally unexpected. Most people like to be pleasantly surprised and that is what lottery is supposed to do. I am lucky today, they say, and they wait for unlucky days ahead. They enjoy now and wait to mourn when they lose.

Being lucky is not an experience for most people on a daily basis. We struggle in life to make both ends meet, or at least that is for most people. We don’t know what awaits us the next day goes for all people. What we know is what we know just right now. The one who knows the rest of the stuff is God. The one who knows what awaits as a pleasant or unpleasant surprise in the next moment is the One for us to hold on to, as a lot in life. For the One who knows them beforehand knows how to guide us through it as it happens.

When God is the portion, the lot, the luck and the charm of life all the spinning of the coins and cards around us would sound like metal crashing down. When God is the magic of your life, the bundle you go away with will be destiny you share with God.

Let us make the Lord our Portion and share our destiny with God.


(CR Fr. Jos Tharakan)

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