Genesis 1: Sharing In The Same DNA

I dare say, God is like every other parent in the world. We share God’s DNA. God plans for the birth of a child, and the life beyond. He has already carved you in His palms. The whole creation, especially mankind, was not an accident that God regretted. It’s like you and me when we named our children before he or she was born. Did you not wonder before your child was born, how he or she would look like? Is he going to be more like you or your spouse? What will he become when he grows up? All these dreams and hopes, I am sure I am making God more like a human, must have been in God as well.

I say so, because God, in the end, created you just like him. Image of God, the character of God was imprinted into a human soul. God claimed each and every person, for that reason everything he did, as God’s special work. Everything was found to be good and worthy of God’s love and care.

The whole story of the first chapter of Genesis is simple, God planned you and for you. You did not just happen and God does not ever regret who you are. You became part of God’s DNA. There may be some genetic mutation in the body, but not in the spirit we share with God. It is eternal and was planned to remain essential to the human condition. Psalms 102: 25 speaks about long ago, God planned every detail of what you are and your surroundings will be.

One of the major issues in life is people struggling to figure out who they are? Once I heard a preacher say that we are not some cheap, an abandoned child in this world. Our inheritance is greater than we imagine. Who we are is more than what others know about us. We, as a human being, no matter what kind of human being you are, black or white, brown or yellow, man or woman, it matters very little, you share in the divine character. We share in the divine DNA. What we are is more than we believe we are.

Human problem is not recognizing their identity in God. We identify ourselves as cheaper that we truly are. And therefore many of us behave in such a way that we do not belong to the royal family of God.

God’s Solutions #1

Believe in the fact that you were created in God’s on own image. What you have is more than what you know. Your gifts, talents, potential, and possibilities are unlimited because you share in God’s own essence, because God breathed into you. “God created mankind in his own image, in the image of God he created them; male and female he created them.” Before the foundations of the world, God carved you in the palm of His hands. So, your real nature is much greater than what you have accessed so far. Your potential is much more than you have been told or have used. God’s solution starts with your belief in your goodness in the first place. For you are the best as is, for God is within you and every fiber of your DNA.

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