Remember the deeds of the Lord

I shall remember the deeds of the Lord. Psalm: 77: 11

Life is meaningful because of the number of promises we kept. Life becomes powerful because of the number of lives we have touched. But life becomes ‘Salvific’ and eternally life changing when we remember the deeds of the Lord. And there are plenty of them to count and they increase by the moment.

Spiritual life is all about sharpening our memories and creating a habit. When we can remember the works of the Lord and the blessings of daily life they change our lives for the better. Good memories and great experiences will change the course of our actions and our lives, and for those around us. Every change that happens as a result of loving recollection of those best experiences in life create habits, a discipline of life that is monastic and therefore reliable. Just a little promise to remember the blessings of our daily life alone is sufficient to change the course of this world. God needs it from you and me and all it takes is to simply remember them everyday.

I am sure you have read how many times Moses and the prophets repeated the story of their rescue from the land of Egypt to the people of Israel. You surely have heard the stories of God’s abundant blessings in the lives of your parents and grandparents. How many times do you share your daily blessings with your children and grandchildren so that we all can collectively remember one day the deeds of the Lord and make a habit out of it. Remember the deeds of the Lord today, and you will be surprised to see how they increase by the minute!

Fr. Jos

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