Clergy Teach and Earn

You do what you do because you love to teach, change lives and make a difference in the lives of people. Why not do that through an online teaching through the HOBs Institute? There is no cost to participate in teaching through the HOBs Institute. Simply record a six to eight minutes long class you love to teach and send the video to us. We will do the rest. Read more in the details.


Teaching through the HOBs Institute is simple, easy and beneficial. Not only you get to teach what you love, it also benefits a lot more people beyond the doors of your church. An example of a course taught through the HOBs Institute is right below: Centering Prayer Course by Dr. Catherine Crews.

  1. Write a small course of four sessions.
  2. Video Record your course with your cell phone.
  3. Send your video course to us by email.
  4. Send a short bio, your picture and a note outline of the course you are teaching.

We will put them all together into an attractive format like the Centering Prayer Retreat or other seen on HOBs Institute and send you the link to promote it to your family, friends, and others. We will promote your program on our website and on Google. You will receive a 40% income from every sale of your course. It’s that simple.


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