Genesis 12: Bless To Grow In Faith!

Becoming a global village

We live in a world where people move from one place to another easily. We have become a global village. For that reason, we find ourselves living among people of different ethnic, language, religious and cultural differences than our own. If we can learn three major languages in the world, English, Spanish, and Chinese, it is possible to move into any part of the world and with a little hard work, make a home for yourself…

Abram started it

For Abram when he was asked to leave his land, his world, his security, and his future, that was not the case. There was nothing easy about it. To trust his instincts and move to another world believing a dream, a vision, a voice in his head, all of which sounds like a fool’s errand was anything but easy. But he trusted that God would keep his word. He trusted that when he left his home, a new world would open up before him. He believed when one door closes, another will be open.

Trusted God’s Promises to do it

The story of faith is the story of trusting in the consistency of God’s promises. Even when we do not see any way forward, we trust that God is going to keep His word to the end. Biblical history is full of promises fulfilled. When Abram trusted that God had a plan even when everything in him said…”This is senseless to take my son to the top of the mountain and sacrifice him”, he went forward with his conviction. In my so-called enlightened mind of today, I think, “what was he thinking? What kind of a God was asking someone to kill their son or daughter?” I don’t understand it. But then, I believe in the story of Salvation through Christ and that’s exactly the story of Jesus. A Son is sacrificed. It remains a mystery for me. I will never be able to trust God enough to sacrifice my child, but Abram does and thus becomes the Father of Faith. To get there, he had to learn about the consistency of God’s actions.

God’s Consistency shows it

God’s plan of Salvation is consistent. When God promises the land, he delivers. (Exo 33: 1) When God promises a prophet, he sends one. (Deut 18: 15) When God promises a good name and fame, God sets the stage for you to get it. (Psalm 72: 17) He promises admiration of those who follow God’s will and makes sure it happens. (Jer 4: 2) He invites everyone to become good-news people because God will come to their rescue in the end and bless their days. (Zeh 8: 12)

He Learned From God’s Actions

Abraham passed through lands that were not his own. He came unscathed through the lands of the enemies as if their friend. Because what prompted him to trust God was a deep conviction, God was walking with him through the dark nights of life. God kept his promises to Abram, Isaac, Jacob, Moses and all of God’s people.

What are we to do to be like Abram and turn into Abraham, the man who trusted God’s promptings within? How shall we do what is impossible in the midst of never-ending doubts, fears, anxieties, and uncertainties? Take the lesson from Abram and bless the world around you. Bless the people, the nations, the enemies and the lands we cross every day. Some might look like enemies and others like friends. But in the end, we have to cross through all the barriers and boundaries, blessing them rather than cursing them. The Salvation of God is brought about by blessing the land we pass through every day.

The Solution #12:

Bless the world around you in any way possible. The key thought, “Bless” and God will continue to keep His word through your hands and hearts.

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