Please Hurry Up and Slow Down

We are all on a journey. Everyone is traveling to the same destination but not at the same pace. That’s because we are all unique and our way of figuring out our path is different. We want to help everyone who is going our way. It is a great feeling when we help others. It makes us feel useful, selfless and purposeful. 
I have found over the years the best ministry for me has been to have the grace to walk with those who walk slow. It’s the journey that matters. It gives meaning to the destination we are going to. I have read the road signs that say, “It’s better to be late than never.” Many times, it is frustrating to watch people stumble and fall along the way. We know they don’t have to. We know we could help. But to allow people to find the path and take their own steps requires a greater degree of selflessness and grace, unless of course if we are dealing with children. 
All of it to say, let us grow in grace. Let us walk a little slower with those who haven’t caught up with our social speed. Let us try to walk a little faster with those who are rushing to make a difference in the world. Because all of us have one thing in common. We have “a heart that is in the right place.”

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