Mountains of the Lord

Come let us go to the mountain of the Lord to the house of the God of Jacob that He may teach us His ways and that we may walk in His paths. Micah 4: 2

Here is an invitation by the prophet to go up, to walk to the heights of God’s presence. Mountain of the Lord is the place where you are blessed with the view of the world as God sees it. Mountain of the Lord is the place from where all that is below will look beautiful regardless of their small imperfections. When we are with God, all imperfections of the world would seem like little specs of dust that can be easily blown away or removed with a touch of the mighty God.

So the prophet says, let us go to the mountain of God. For God dwells in places, hearts, people and situations that are high enough not to be caught by the imperfections of this world. God dwells in the mountains of our hearts where there is purity, honesty and non-judgmental attitude so that God can actually teach His path to such a person.  And God tells us such hearts are high enough for God to dwell in them and thus God will be dwelling among us every day.

Let us go to the mountain of the Lord and let us make our hearts high places for God to dwell so that God can teach us His paths.


Fr. Jos

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