Learn to Trust

We live in a world that has lost it’s trust. We don’t trust our financial institutions, political leaders, religious leaders and sometimes our own family members. There is enough reason for it. Blaming the failures of others won’t take us too far. It will fill us with fear, frustration and anger. We will not see a way out of it either. Therefore, let us turn the focus to ourselves today.

How about being a person whom others can trust? How about becoming that person you wish others could be so that everyone else around you will learn to trust you because you keep your word, your love and life? It is building a habit of trusting yourself, and all that you are about to do in keeping with your words, a world of trusting partnerships are made.

Action plan: Ask yourself if you are willing to trust yourself? Believe people around you have the best intention, even when they fail to fulfill it. Failure to fulfill something is not the lack of good intent, it is the lack of good discipline. Therefore build great discipline and good focus.

God be with you.


Fr. Jos+ (C)

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