Keeping commandments!

If you love me keep my commandments – John 14:15

What are the commandments that the Lord is asking us to keep? Just two. There is no greater commandment than this that love the Lord you God with all your heart, with all your soul and with all your mind, and the second love your neighbor as yourself. Let us go further and say may be just one. Love your neighbor as yourself! And the other will emerge as a result! 

Before we start loving others let us start with ourselves. This coming week, take a few minutes of each day and thank God for the wonderful blessings you are given in your life. Take a few minutes to rest and treat yourself with a cup of hot chocoloate, an ice cream, a nice restful drive, forgive yourself for some of the things of the past that still seem unforgiven, respect and care for yourself and your needs, and do those things that you would really like for yourself.

Let us apply the commandments first to ourselves so that we can effectively and lovingly apply it on others. If only I know how painful it will be when people reject me, hurt me, love me, care for me, and understand me I can probably understand the pain or joy other’s might go through when I do the same to them. How can I keep the commandments if I don’t know what it does to me when I keep them? So, today let us make a decision that we shall look deep into our own pains and joys so that may be we could show our love better for others. We could think twice before we say things to others we won’t say to ourselves or we won’t someone else to say to us.

May you blessed today and coming days to keep His commands starting with yourself.

Fr. Jos