Invincible Protection!

The Lord is with me like a dread warrior. Jeremiah 20: 11

Here Prophet Jeremiah is expressing his confidence in God’s invincible protection over him. Jeremiah went through tough times in life. He suffered ridicule, terror, and fear. It was not easy for him to keep trusting in the Lord. He used every Psalm that came into his mind. Jeremiah the Prophet of God became human and behaved just like one of us.

At the time when Jeremiah went through this tough experience did he really know that the Lord was with him like a warrior protecting him? Or was he hoping for God to become his warrior and fighter? More than the certainty of God’s protection it was the power of his faith, and remembrance of his experience that made him call upon God as the warrior. His past experiences where he crawled into a peaceful space with God made him call upon God for protection. His hope made him see the hand of God work as a dread warrior which he would have lost sight of if he did not wake up his dormant faith.

We face ridicule, terror and fear. Life sometimes is dreadful. But the Lord who lives deep within us can be woken up to become our warrior and our savior. Crawl into that little space of hope which is buried under the rubbles of life, and call upon the Lord. God will rise up from the midst of the ruins and become the invincible protection in your life.


Fr. Jos

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