Innocent life or not?

Read this story. Finally there is a light at the end of the tunnel for this guy. I pray that truth comes out and if he is an innocent man, be released. If he is not innocent, let no one have the courage to take the life of someone else for any reason. And that applies to him and to us as well. I pray that I will have the courage to say that all my life. Death can not be defeated by death. Death can only be defeated by life and life in fullness. Even if the crime is the worst in the world, God’s mercy is greater and greater every moment. If not for God’s mercy, who will be saved I wonder!

God Bless us and Bless us quest for life.

One thought on “Innocent life or not?

  1. Amen. All life is sacred. If you say that only innocent life is important then the Bible says there is no one innocent.
    All have sinned and come short of the glory of God, but Christ died for us all, not just for those who sit in church every week.

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