How to overcome the world

“Who can overcome the world? Only the man who believes that Jesus is the Son of God” 1 john 5: 5

Everyday living with integrity in today’s world is a challenge. No one can do it without the help of someone greater because our lives are so interwoven with whose lifestyles we don’t approve of or their decisions we don’t care for. Many around us seem to have a hand in making decisions that affect us and challenge us daily.

Jesus had the similar experience in life, except that he was strengthened by the Holy Spirit to make the right choices at the right time. Today we need the same helper and the same Lord to guide, as believing in Jesus would be to say, I am willing to let the Spirit of God guide me today. Believing in Jesus would be to do what Jesus did, which was a passionate, personal and individual YES to the Holy Spirit, and a self transformative love towards others that brought about healing in every corner of people’s lives.

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